Jeremys syclone

Jeremy Donavich’s 1991 syclone is a perfect example of beauty and speed. Featuring a “Street Terror” engine build from RPM/SYTY Performance, this puppy will run as good as it looks. The heart of the transplant will come from a 72GTQ turbo, chilled by a Razor alcohol injection system which will feed through a custom RPM A/A intercooler kit. Once the dense air is compressed to over 25psi, the air will make its way into a set of RPM race prepped vortec heads with 2.05/1.60 stainless valves and heavy duty springs. Hot exhaust gases will feed through a set of 1.625” RPM stainless steel headers, and exit through a RPM 3” downpipe outfitted with an electronic exhaust cutout. The end result? Approx 700hp you can drive daily and race/cruise/show on weekends.

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